Microdigital Omega Resources

This is a collection of resources for Omega
owners and people who wish to develop software for it.

Technical Documentation

Unfortunately technical information released on the Omega is patchy. I have tried to collect here all the available information as well as my own findings.
If you have any additions or questions please contact me at omegadocs@iank.org.uk

omega.txt This is a general summery of the main differences between the Omega and a RISC PC.

PCI Interface. Documentation and example code on the PCI interface.

Networking This is a summary of the network interface.


pcitv.gif - 290 bytes
PCITV 65K This is the Omega version of Simon Wilson's !PCITV Application.
This currently contains a serious bug that causes it to crash and renders it unusable. This has been placed here in the hope that someone can figure out why it does this.Click here for further details of the bug.
omash.gif - 183 bytes
Omega Sound Helper 39K This is a tool to help people who have Omega's with sound problems. It provides an easy method of turning sound on and off manually or system sounds automatically.