Microdigital Omega Resources

This is a collection of resources for Omega
owners and people who wish to develop software for it.

PCI Interface

pcimgr.txt Details of commands and summery of the PCI API.

Their is an additional SWI not listed in the document above 'Microdigital_CallDeviceVector' (&54003).
This probably sits on the unknown IrqV and uses it to trap calls from interrupts generated on the PCI bus.
I haven't tested though.

library.zip This is a library of example code demonstrating the PCI API.

pcidev.zip A small programme to list technical data about the PCI devices in a machine.

data.txt A Report from an Omega generated by the above programme. The machine under test had a TV card in slot 2, Ethernet card in slot 3 and sound card in slot 4.


screen.gif - 7Kb

All the interfaces except graphics hang off the PCI interface. Above is a fairly standard report generated by the 'PCIDevices' command. This machine has a sound, Ethernet and TV card in it.The TV card is listed as device 1 and 2 because the PCI interface sees the card as being 2 distinct devices, this may happen with other cards as well. Device 6 is the Omega's on board Hard Drive interface and devices 5 and 8 are the on board USB interface. As for devices 0 and 7 I can only really speculate.